Hans Clemer or the Master of Elva


Only recently has research identified Hans Clemer as the Master of Elva. Prior to this there were many theories and few certainties about this artist, who undoubtedly worked in the Marquisate of Saluzzo at the end of the 15th century, producing excellent works of elaborate figurative culture that also cited the Milanese Leonardesque style. His approach denotes the sensitivity of a border artist, inspired by Casale, Vercelli and France. The Elva cycle was made for the eponymous parish in the Maira Valley, at the height of the 1490s. In Saluzzo, Clemer produced works for the cathedral from the 16th century, including the Our Lady of Mercy altarpiece now found in Casa Cavassa, where there are also external frescoes in grisaille.

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