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Museum of the Cathedral of Sant'Evasio

Diocesi di Casale Monferrato

Piazza Nazzari di Calabiana 1, 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)

The museum system of the Diocese of Casale was founded as a project composed of a headquarters, the Diocesan Museum, and satellite premises scattered over the territory. The idea of establishing many small museums around the area derives from the wish to leave the works in their original context but also to promote and use the buildings that house them. At the same time, it gives the user the opportunity to rediscover the area’s historical, artistic, scenic, and cultural heritage to the full. Currently only three satellite hubs of the project have been created: the Museum of the Cathedral Treasure at the cathedral of Sant’Evasio, the San Giacomo Museum in Lu, and the Sanctuary of Crea with its Sacro Monte, one of Piedmont’s Natural Parks managed by its regional authority. The Museum of the Cathedral Treasure, called “Sacrestia Aperta”, is located in the cathedral itself, in the service rooms of the building, from which it gets its name and which are still used today. Consisting of several areas and open since November 2003, when the ambulatory was inaugurated, it offers a dual view: the historical-architectural one of the museum rooms themselves, and the exhibition aspect, with a selection of silverware and a small art gallery. Opening is guaranteed by the Antipodes Association and the Arch-Confraternity of Sant’Evasio, whose volunteers welcome visitors and offer tours.

The “Open Sacristy” museum itinerary, in Sant’Evasio Cathedral, is accessed via the ticket office-bookshop in Via Liutprando, and commences in the ambulatory. During the 19th-century restoration, the walls were adorned with sculptures dating from the 12th to the 16th century, and pieces of the 12th-century mosaic floor of the old Romanesque cathedral depicting episodes from the Holy Scriptures, everyday scenes and fantastic figures. In the Bishops’ Corridor, visitors can admire silver and gold objects that belonged to the bishops themselves. The vestibule housing the marble sacristy sink opens onto the actual sacristy, where the simple architectural forms are embellished by the wooden furnishings, hangings, statues and marble low reliefs from the 16th-century altar of Sant'Evasio. The Cross of Teodoro Palaeologus, which he donated to the cathedral in 1466, is on display in the apse. A small door leads to the bell tower, the old sacristy of the cathedral. The antique wooden cupboards display ecclesiastic furnishings, gold objects and textiles. A narrow corridor leads to the chapel of Sant’Evasio, designed by Alfieri, which houses the urn containing the saint’s remains. The “Archaeological Attic Itinerary” starts from the 19th-century staircase that leads up to the attics from the ambulatory. On the way up, visitors can admire the masonry structure of the medieval apse, with the single-lancet window on the southern side and the access to the apse’s outer gallery. Once in the attic, a metal walkway goes from one bay to another, suspended on the extrados of the vaults, offering visitors a chance to see the Lombard band of the nave, and then the old aisle structures, divided by the transept with double-lancet window. Just when the itinerary seems to have ended, visitors find themselves among the structural components of the medieval architecture, allowing them to reach the most hidden decorative elements. A steep stairway inside the actual walls leads down to the gallery of the vestibule, before descending to the vestibule itself.

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Ven-Sab 09:00 - 12:00 15:00 - 18:00
Dom 15:00 - 18:00

Nel mese di gennaio e febbraio il museo rimane chiuso a meno di eventi, in tale periodo è possibile effettuare le visite su appuntamento.
Per visite su appuntamento chiamare 0142.452219 dal martedì al venerdì dalle ore 9:00 – 12:00
Il Percorso archeologico dei sottotetti è visitabile la domenica pomeriggio del secondo fine settimana di ogni mese con partenze delle visite alle 15:00, 16:00 e 17:00 o su prenotazione.

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Cattedrale di Casale Monferrato
Casale Monferrato
type of building
Musei ecclesiastici
Piazza Nazzari di Calabiana 1, 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)


food venue
Biglietto intero 5.0 € Il biglietto intero si intende di € 5,00 per la Sacrestia aperta e di € 5,00 per il Percorso archeologico dei sottotetti.
Biglietto ridotto 4.0 € Il biglietto ridotto si intende di € 4,00 per la Sacrestia aperta e di € 4,00 per il Percorso archeologico dei sottotetti.
Biglietto intero cumulativo 8.0 € Biglietto intero per visita alla Sacrestia aperta e al percorso archeologico dei sotottetti
Biglietto ridotto cumulativo 6.0 € Biglietto intero per visita alla Sacrestia aperta e al percorso archeologico dei sotottetti
Tessera M.O.M.U. (ridotta) 8.0 € La tessera ridotta è valida solo per i ragazzi fino ai 18 anni.
Tessera M.O.M.U. (intera) 10.0 € Tessera della Città di Casale Monferrato che permette la visita annuale dei seguenti siti: Cattedrale di Sant'Evasio, Museo Civico Città di Casale, Sinagoga, Santuario di Crea con il Sacro Monte, Museo San Giacomo a Lu, Centro di Interpretazione del paesaggio del Po a Frassineto Po, Museo Etnografico "Coniolo il paese che visse due volte", Ecomuseo della pietra da cantone a Cellamonte.

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